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Arriving from the port
port of Skopelos

Kardous Villas are exactly 8,7 Km from the port. For your convenience you can adjust the car counter.

• As you exit the port of Skopelos you will see a children’s playground. Turn left. You are now on the main road of Skopelos town.

• After about 300 meters you will arrive at a crossroad. Turn to the right (indication sign – ring Road) and continue on the main road.

• After about 400m, just past the Health Centre, there is a second cross road. Follow the left road – towards Panormos as the signs indicate.

• After about 200m, there is another small crossroad. Again go left towards Panormos.

• After about 1 km one can see the Skopelos mine on the right.

• After 2,6 km – past the Helicopter Pad sign- there is a big downhill ride leading to yet another crossroad. Turn right towards Panormos.

• After 3,5 km – having gone past the " Alikia" (1,9km), after 150m you will turn left to enter.

• At 60 m you will find the entrance of Kardous Villas

Arriving from the port
of Glossa (Loutraki)

Kardous Villas are located 19,5 km from the port.

• As you exit the port of Glossa ( Loutraki) after about 300 m you will see a roundabout .

• Across the roundabout ( at about 50 m ) there is a road which starts between two cafes. It is the main street, where they will remain until you reach the " Kardous Skopelos Villas "

• Just after 3 km uphill road you will reach a square with a church on your left. You will continue on the main road right.

• After 3,1 km you will pass the " Old Klima ". You will find a petrol station on the right after 1,5 km and 2,3 km after the village of " Elios ". After a 3,7 km you will see " Kastani" and "Milia" area on your right.

• After 0,5 km begins the region Adrines.

• After 700 m you will find the village of Panormos with the beach on your right.

• After 1,4 km you will pass "Loutsa" and after 1,4 km the "Ditropo" while on your left you will find the crossroad for "Murtero".

• At 100 m on your right you will encounter a concrete alley immediately on your next 60 m leading to the entrance of " Kardous Skopelos Villas "

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